8 years internet love. - "Consider your marriage/family as a securely locked door."

I write this in hope that it will help others.

My wife of eight years found love on the internet. She eventually confessed to having seven boyfriends all at the same time. She left me and our three kids. She received much advice and encouragement from her chat room friends that she should leave.

Fortunately the courts are now aware of this problem. Instead of sticking to it and working things out, people are taking what seems like the easy way out. "The grass is not always greener!". My wife was considered immature and irresponsible for a mother. Her behavior was labeled an addiction.

Our three children live with me, My ex-wife now lives with her parents. The "expert" advice she was given was wrong. She now sees the kids regularly but is angry and bitter to the point that she will not talk to me. My children now must live with the consequences of this decision, made with the help of strangers.

We knew someone that this had happened to and my wife's response at the time was disgust, anger and unbelief. Yet we still had it happen to us. Don't think it can't happen to you!

If you are looking for love online or are in love online and you are married think long and hard what you are doing. Consider your marriage/family as a securely locked door. If you knew there was danger on the other side, something that will damage and possibly destroy your family, would you unlock the door and entertain it? Do NOT let your guard down. Get help. Talk to your mate about it, seek competent counseling, work as hard at keeping your marriage as you are looking for a way out. Figure out what you are missing and seek it together.

Exciting as this "online affair" sounds the cost to you and OTHERS may be unbearable. I know! It has been three years and I see what it has done to my children. They are now 4, 7 and 9. Thanks to God, the support of my church and close friends we are doing the best we can.