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Acquaintances in the Greek internet
Greek Internet Dating

Welcome in the Greek network for personal relations.
Aim of this web page is to inform for dating in the Greek internet, but also more generally for internet dating, that is to say the acquaintances via internet and the services that facilitate the process of search.



Those who you reached in this web page very probably your aim is to find site
relative with relations of persons, acquaintances.
Because sites acquaintances they spring up as mushrooms and in the Greek internet,
good it will be you think certain things front you use him, front you dedicate your time in them and put your photograph and your profile in public view.
Front we enter in general proposals, [as] we are reported in the subject that sure “it burns”
all that they use sites acquaintances, the subject of debits.

It finally should I pay in order to I use site acquaintances?
The answer is not vertical! It has meaning you pay in certain cases, in other however no!

If you see a serious treatment from the administrators site, if you are
thanked from the general picture site, if you believe that you found certain appreciable
members in concrete site where you would want to come in contact also if you want
use the additional subscribing services, after you evaluate him of course, then you can become subscribers provided that of course the sum that to you is asked
he is prohibitory for you. (usually most reliable dating sites debit 15$-25$
for free use of 30 days)

If you have aim to make a acquaintance, then you see, without you pay, the members dating sites. Be careful their profile and, if you find some individual that interests you, then you try [epikoinonisete] with him, after you buy a subscription. At the same time you will gain the all privileges that offers the proportional subscription and thus you will use better site and more effectively. Simultaneously, you will support the enterprise and the persons that work in order to it functions rightly dating site that you use.

TRY to telephone in the persons in charge site and to speak together their. If you do not see right confrontation, or if DO NOT EXIST NOWHERE telephones published then, knowing that perhaps behind this site perhaps find itself individuals that play with your personal data and they make responsibly their work.

If you do not have aim to make a acquaintance and want simply to speak with somebody, then you enter in the IRC, they are completely free of charge and it has a lot of world in order to you speak simply. We will not enter in the process we judge the level of individuals that enters in chat or their aims, is not something absolute, simple is something more reliable from one serious dating site!!

Us causes impression the make of that busiest Greek sites acquaintances
they try they change the internet in hotline with lines 090!
Usually they require you have open your telephone in line 090 with debit of 0,30 Drs the 15 ", that is to say 1,20 euro thin in order to you speak with a girl that him you see in the screen of your computer! In what differs a such service from the lines hotline that are advertized in the television!

If you have used never the international, real companies colossuses, sites communication of individuals, you would see that no one from these sites does not debit services with lines 090, 1.20 euro thin! No one from these sites that they use millions persons per the world publishes photographs of girls with the call “Paros with telephone” or “Paros telephone in 090 in order to you see my bold photographs!”

What causes particularly also us makes terrible impression it is the make that enough from you you pay almost 10 euro via lines 090 in order to you acquire access in “hot” photographs, as him they name!

If the aim of your visit in site acquaintances is to see “hot” photographs, you we propose less better solution and costly!
Because you do not give 30 euro - a lot in order to you acquire access in really thousands hot photographs from the all world in relative site (you write voyeur in Google) and for a entire time!!

Our following proposals and the way of operation of international big sites acquaintances you will help you really evaluate Greek sites acquaintances and you remain only in what deserves! You we wished good amusement and you develop the possibilities that you give the internet of making new friends but also find your [tairi]!


Proposals - What to be careful
  1. Make sure that site it functions rightly, without technical problems.
  2. Judge his reliability from his total picture (designing), even from
    his name (url), from the introductive page and the terms of use that it reports.
  3. Make registration in the/[a] site that you feel that it suits you, but you upgrade your subscription only in [ayto]/[a] sites that has members with the profile that you want and after you make sure that this members have real profile!! (certified members)
  4. Specifically with your photograph, you are careful particularly, you publish after [peistite] for the reliability site. Throw a glance in the other photographs of members.
    If you see [anamesa] the [zoakia], obscene photographs, cartoon who the reason for entering [anamesa] their!
  5. Read carefully the terms of use site. The terms of use describe precisely the way of use that is allowed it becomes in site.
    If they are not reported terms of use, better you abandon immediately site! Imagine a society without rules?
  6. Try to come in contact with e-mail but also by phone with the administrators or persons in charge of communication site, specifically if you intend to pay in order to you become subscribers and have any query/question.
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